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Coker Crane

Operation & Maintenance

A Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) is a processing unit in oil refinery that converts the residual oil from the vacuum distillation column or the atmospheric distillation column into low molecular weight hydrocarbon gases, naphtha, light and heavy gas oils, and petroleum coke. The process thermally cracks the long chain hydrocarbon molecules in the residual oil feed into shorter chain molecules leaving behind the excess carbon in the form of petroleum coke.

Service Checklist

  • We provide Best and Round The Clock Service Support in any make Coker Cranes by Services such as Handling major breakdown calls, Preventive Maintenance, Installation & Commissioning.
  • Best Service with Customer satisfaction is our speciality.
  • We are having experts in Operation and Maintenance task for these type of process cranes, which accomplish key role in DCU refinery plant.
  • We have expertise in Drive analysis and repair skill.
  • We provide rectification support in Rail alignment & Wheel alignment.
  • We Provide annual inspection and Preventive maintenance service with the reasonable and competitive price.