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Single Girder Underslung Crane

To install an underslung cranes, the roof structure must have the ability to withstand the weight that imposed by the underslung cranes itself and the load. So, before you make the final decision to purchase an single girder underslung cranes, you need to consult with our engineers to make sure that every detail is considered in order to avoid any convenience.
Simply attached to the existing roof structure, this special kind cranes eliminate the need for runway support columns. This way, the entire building floor area is available for production. Peripheral areas of the workshop can be served by using the girder overhangs to extend the travel range of the hoist trolley beyond the runways. Optional latching devices make it possible to transfer the hoist trolley from the crane girder to a branch track and back without having to deposit the load.

Benefits & Features:-

  • Consistent quality with overhead travelling crane benefits
  • End truck of optimised structural design
  • Rigid beam girders or welded box girders for optimum load distribution
  • Loads can be handled immediately adjacent to the building wall by means of girder ends tailored to the application requirements