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S-Convecranes is the authorized dealer and stockiest in India for Metal Press steel wire rope Italy.

Since several years M.P. Wire Rope has been operating in the field of wire ropes, both bright and galvanized, and has always considered the quality of its products as the main factor of development. The Quality has always been the main factor of development for METAL PRESS which has obtained the certification ISO 9002 in 1995 and today is a company with a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008.

Wire ropes are very important machine components. Accidents can cause damages to person and machinery! Therefore S-Convecranes provides you the quality ropes that fulfil the requirements safely throughout their service life.

The ropes and the wires are provided with a test certificate issued by our equipped testing laboratory. In the certificate are reported the constructional features and the test results of both wires and finished rope. The ropes can be packed in rolls or on wooden reels or with packing on request.

Use Of WireRopes

The tensile strength of the wire rope plays a great role in lifting equipment.
So S-Convecranes have made the solution for this by supplying the imported wire rope with variety of strength like 1570 N/mm²,
1770 N/mm², 1960 N/mm² and 2160 N/mm² with Best Quality and Reasonable price.

  • Hoisting and lifting applications
  • General applications
  • Structural applications
  • Lifts and elevators
Authorosied wire-ropes-suppliers in India

Every Wire Rope Has Three Basic Components:

  1. The wires, which form the strands and collectively provide the rope strength;
  2. The strands, which are helically around the core; and,
  3. The core, which forms a foundation for the strands.

The wires of wire rope are made of high-carbon steel, which comes in various grades.
The term “Grade” is used to designate the strength of the wire rope.
So we are supplying the imported wire rope with various grades like 1570 N/mm2, 1770 N/mm2,
1960 N/mm2 and 2160 N/mm2 with the best quality and reasonable price.




Expert Services

S-Convecranes have service expert on wire rope, so we can provide on-site inspection services using the most up to date criteria as detailed in ISO 4309.