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We offer you a comprehensive range of training courses that qualify your staff in the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of industrial cranes and their components. You benefit from our many years of experience. We continuously develop our training courses based on intensive customer interaction and local expertise. With practical work carried out on cranes and hoists, we ensure that participants achieve all their course objectives.


Your staff can learn how to carry out maintenance and repair work in our product seminars for the safe operation of cranes and hoists. These also include adjustment work as well as a professional assessment of the condition of wearing parts.


Safe operations are a prerequisite to fully exploit the potential of your crane and enhance productivity. Our responsibility does not end with providing maintenance and repair support, but also extends to educating your operations team on all good & safe practices of crane operations.

Statistics show that crane operator training assists in the prevention of accidents to personnel and plant as well as improving the operating life of cranes and lifting gear that can be affected by misuse. Crane Operator Training is designed for crane operators and the supervisory personnel responsible for the daily operation and safe performance of cranes.

The training gives participants the working knowledge to assist in reducing operator errors that may lead to unnecessary downtime.

Crane operator training can provide additional knowledge to help avoid possible serious injury to personnel caused by improper crane operation. Participants will learn local requirements for crane operation.

Your staff can learn how to operate Industrial Cranes safely and reliably in our various operator training courses. In addition, our training courses include the latest developments with reference to international regulations for the operation of cranes.

We provide extensive specialized training and instruction not only for our technicians and inspectors but also for your service staff and crane operators. Participants will learn local requirements for crane operation and the topics may cover:

  • Safe start-up of crane.
  • Safe shut down of crane.
  • Getting to know your crane.
  • General instruction regarding safe slinging.
  • General instruction regarding ancillary lifting attachments.
  • General instruction regarding emergency procedures.
  • The function of all major crane components and assemblies
  • Minimum qualifications and requirements for a crane operator
  • Daily crane inspection procedure required by local governing bodies
  • Four rules of safe and proficient crane operation.
  • Precise spotting of loads and making precision lifts