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Installation And Commissioning

  • We know how much important and delicate is putting a crane in operation and for this reason we are available to support clients during this phase. We have trained people and the best talented skilled engineers to support clients both in on-shore and off-shore situations. Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation engineers able to supervise and coordinate installation activities, commissioning and sea trial test can be aside you to grant the best results.
  • As soon as the crane is delivered on site, we set to work installing and commissioning it. This is followed by thorough training of the new users on the crane.
    We follow set procedures when commissioning cranes. Commissioning on site is almost always done in the presence of the customer and – if necessary – a classification society. An important part of the commissioning procedure is the testing of capacity and functionality and the adjustment of the safety devices on the cranes. All the circumstances that could affect the cranes are taken into account and their likely impact estimated.
  • We continually develop the best talent in the Industrial equipment’s.
  • In addition to commissioning, our qualified field engineers can also carry out installations and commissioning worldwide.